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Welcome to the Santa Cruz City Schools School Conditions Survey.
The 2018 spring survey will be open January 9 to Feburary 15.

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Welcome to the SCCS School Conditions Survey

As educators, our commitment to providing all children with a high quality education remains steadfast. That is why educational leaders in your district are urging every school-based, licensed educator to complete the TELL Indiana (Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning) survey.

What happens when we elevate teacher voice through the survey?

Results from the survey have been of tremendous value to schools making decisions aimed at improving school culture and student achievement. As a collective, educator voice provides a unique perspective that is critical for building stronger schools and successful students.

Dr. Jesse Register
Director of Schools,
Metro-Nashville Public Schools

Why Choose the School Conditions Survey?

  • This is an online, anonymous school survey.
  • The survey is for all school-based, licensed educators and instructional staff, including administrators.
  • Access to the survey is available 24/7 using any internet connection.
  • The results are one component of an on-going process for collaborative school improvement planning.
  • Teaching and learning conditions matter for teachers; they matter for kids.